It was Dr Damilola Fagboro who gave an illustration in my first year in the university that has remained with me till date. In Accounting, it is possible to commit errors when preparing an account and yet not realise this until the end of the exercise. The non-agreement of figures signals the possibility of errors somewhere. Non-verbatim though, Dr Fagboro had asked that ‘if you realised that your figures do not balance after you have prepared an account, from where do you begin to trace the error with the hope to correct it? I cannot remember the different responses we gave in lecture room 10 that day but I know what I had in mind. It was my opinion that you should go back to the beginning of the accounts to begin to trace the error downwards. That’s probably your thought too.

Then he gave a more explicit illustration. Assuming you left home for work but when you got to the workplace, you couldn’t find the key to your office. From where should you begin to search for your key? Do you go home straight to begin the search for it or will you begin by thoroughly searching your bag, then your car, and then back home to continue the search? My guess is as good as yours that searching for the key from where you are back home is the better alternative. That illustration changed my view about searching for errors in an account prepared. The reason is simply because the cause of the imbalance could just be where you are.

This illustration is apt for the man on his journey to being a made person. His intention is to achieve his set goals without mistakes. Man hopes to strike once to hit the target. He plans for his future with the hope that perfect conditions will prevail. But few are such cases as failures, fallings, misses, etc, at times characterise the story of the man. By the way, man, as used here is in the generic sense. The question to ask is, when does the man need to pick up his pieces after a fall to rebuild damaged life?

In an all-time-relevant parable, Jesus Christ gave in Luke 15, there is an account of a son of a wealthy man commonly described as the prodigal son. He had taken his portion of his father’s wealth and then went into a far country to squander all. The bible aptly describes his life in the far away country as a ‘riotous’. This describes his life of wanton wastefulness. At a point in time, he became a servant feeding on an animal meal. It was that terrible.

His life received the greatest boost of all-time when he came to his senses. He decided to ‘look for his lost key’. He began right from where he was to trace his key back home. He began a journey home that changed his life for good. He picked up his pieces. Received back into his waiting glory, the erstwhile prodigal son became the proper son. His father was ready to spend all on him! The boy is back!

There is no how deeply-rooted a man has gone into error that he cannot be redeemed. Man has got hope so far breath is still in him. He could have lost his key for years but the day he chooses to trace it is the day he signals the beginning of a significant step to his normal state. You could have failed several times. You could have missed your way a million times. You could have gone deep into sin. You could have attempted a task countless times yet you are failing. You could have even lost all hope years ago. You may be holding on to unforgiveness for years now. You may be sleeping and waking on the bed of constant fornication or adultery at present and perhaps your next thought is just to probably end your life with your own hand because life seems to make no meaning to you again.

The presentation the devil makes to you to hold you down is that you have gone beyond repairs. But the truth is that you are always repairable. Will you make the move? Will find you the Key to your life? This Key is not even lost. You know where He is. He is just where you are as you read this. Go pick the Key. The Key is Jesus Christ, the Saviour.

Jesus says, ‘Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28). Coming to Jesus means ‘believing in Christ, and becoming his disciple, or follower (Adam Clarke commentary). If what my lecturer told me is anything to go by (and I believe it is), you can find your significance by holding firmly to the Key of your life today. Believe His sacrificial death for you. Confess your past. With your Key, you are set to go. You still have a life to live! Ignore the devil’s false presentations.

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Vessel Anani Sunday K. (VASK) is saved by grace.

The Key is not lost
The Key is not lost.


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